finding your confidence - how we will work together 

how much does a life coach cost?

If you're interested in life coaching you're probably wondering how much a life coach costs? We start with a FREE phone call (approx 15 mins) or a meet up (in Brighton & Hove only) to get to know each other a little, touch on what you would like to focus on and decide whether we are right for each other. If we both feel like we would like to work together then you can decide which package is best for you. 

Every coaching session is ONE HOUR long either in person at my Hove home (2 mins walk from Hove station) or online via Zoom or Skype, alternatively by phone or WhatsApp calls. If desired, there is the option to have tasks to complete between sessions and a check-in contact once between each session.

confidence package

confidence package - moving from crisis to confidence

If you're in a place that's not where you want to be because of something that has caused you upset, trauma or a crisis of confidence over time, then this 

course of six sessions will help you rediscover your self worth, build up your self belief and ensure you are ready to move forward in a positive and authentic way. 

Your lack of confidence will have become a noticeable handicap in your life and you're at the point where you really want to change the narrative. The stuff life throws at you shouldn't make you stressed and worried or cause you to doubt yourself and question your choices. Life should be lived in a way that remains true to your values and beliefs, makes you happy and feel worthy. 

Working together you will move from a point of perceived crisis to a place of confidence in a way that will feel gentle, kind and supportive. See what some of my clients have to say about their life coaching experience.

confidence package: 6 sessions £450

courage injection

courage injection - helping you find the courage to make a change

If you feel you need a bit of a boost of self-belief or injection of 'yes I can' with regards a specific situation that's bothering you, this short course of three coaching sessions will help you gain insight into how to navigate your way through. Whether it's a tricky work situation or a sensitive domestic one, we will find the tools to make the outcome the one you want and need. See what some of my clients have to say about their life coaching experience.

courage injection: 3 sessions £225